Sunday, 8 February 2009

New features coming in May

I wanted to let you guys know in advance that there will be no new features released for Wishlings until May. There are two reasons for this:

1. I'm studying for my Zend Certification
Although I've been a professional PHP programmer for over 5 years, the Zend Certification is quite tough. I need to pass and get it out of the way. February is dedicated to studying for the exam.

2. Converting Wishlings to a PHP Framework
Wishlings is written in Ruby on Rails, which is a lovely framework. However, I'm really a Ruby on Rails novice/intermediate, which means development usually takes longer than it should. I haven't decided which framework to use but it'll be something with an MVC architecture like CodeIgniter. I expect this conversion to take up to 2 months.

The rest of the year will be dedicated to Wishlings development.

Follow Wishlings on Twitter

We've just signed up for Twitter! You can follow us here.

Wishlings blog launched

We decided to launch a Wishlings blog, so we could keep you guys up to date with the development of the service. We'll use this blog to let you know about new features, outstanding problems and resolutions as well as planned maintenance alerts.

We'll also be using this blog to ask for your advice on which features you'd like to see and how you'd like them implemented. Wishlings really is a service built for you guys, so the more of your ideas we can implement the better.